Twitter Terminal (2019)

16" x 16" x 6" - Smith Corona DLX-100 Daisy-Wheel Electric Typewriter, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Lamp.

Twiter Terminal is a “hacked” Smith Corona DLX 100 electric typewriter, which seeks to question notions of physical and digital locations and materials. Outfitted with an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, some custom circuitry, and a patchwork of custom software, the device bypasses geolocational tracking by utilizing Twitter's API, and prints a Tweet from the current -globally- top-trending hashtag every 30 seconds. The attached lamp flashes each time a character is printed, emphasizing the material and energy cost of information. The slow, laborious nature of the typewriter printing also imposes a reflection on the emotional labour required for each tweet to come into existence. Source Code here.