ICAO Installation (2018)

Maquette: 14" x 6 x 6" - 3D Printed PLA, Acetate, Laser cut acrylic & plywood.

Built in collaboration with Maya Jain, this proposal for a spacial intervention pays hommage to the work of painter, Julie Mheretu. We draw from Mheretu’s recurrent conceptual themes of nationalism, immigration and social inequality, by intervening in a traffic-heavy corridor, forcing navigation and contemplation of ideas and questions surrounding complex issues of globalization that are relevant to the space itself. By presenting contrasting images of international travel and immigration in a corridor on the semi-public property of the International Civil Aviation Organization, a branch of the UN, we raise questions about inequality and the complexity of a ‘global village.’ We explicitly draw upon Mheretu’s aesthetic themes of layering, perspective and scale by incorporating a series transparent panels down a long corridor that cause overlapping between abstracted images as commuters move through the space.